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DrinkAdvisor is the only app specializing in nightlife, bars, nightclubs and drinks with up-to-date information provided by experts.

Essential Bars guideOne of the main benefits of DrinkAdvisor is the easy access it gives to unique, up-to-date information on the most popular and interesting bars on the planet. Our team of experts is constantly searching for information about bars all over the world.
Your personal advisor…Enjoy the huge and handy catalog of well-known drinks, famous cocktails and global brands. DrinkAdvisor's regular reviews help you to have an enjoyable time.
The app you need for your journeyIt takes just a few taps to make a "list of your favorite places" to use offline during your trip.
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Access the ultimate catalogue of more than 6,000 of the best bars worldwide. Sort them by rating, vicinity and check if they are open

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With just one tap, you get a detailed description of where to go, can see photos of the interior, read user reviews and check working hours

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Whether you are looking for a Mojito recipe or just want to try out a new cocktail in a bar, DrinkAdvisor is the easiest way to find what you want

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There are plenty of drinks for crusty old men, dainty ladies, and even those who are new to the scene. Our free app tells you many interesting facts about well-known drinks and famous cocktails, so it is easy to find the drink for you

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Get the best app for streamlining your event planning process. Use the DrinkAdvisor app to arrange get-togethers with friends

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Our team of experts is constantly searching for information on nightlife, bars, nightclubs and drinks all over the world. They are kept on their toes and let their feet and taste buds take the strain so that you can save that most precious human resource - time